Wiederholungskurs Meiringen

From March 12th untill March 30th fliegerstaffel 8 equipped with the venerable F-5E/F Tiger II and Fliegerstaffel 11 flying with the F/A-18C/D hornet had their yearly Wiederholungskurs (rehearsal course) from Meiringen airbase in Central Switzerland.

As Meiringen is well know for it`s fantastic photo opportunities Jan and Vincent Loedeman went out to cover this exercise for Touchdown Aviation.

From 2011 the F-5`s will be replaced by yet unknown type wich the swiss Air Force is now activly seeking.The Contenders are the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet,The French Rafale and the Saab Grippen.For the fleet comonality it seems logical the Super Hornet makes a fair change to replace the F-5.

As Normally the WK (as the Wiederholungskurs is more known) starts with a few days to work up to wartime conditions flying started wednesday the 14th in the afternoon. Fliegerstaffel 11 started with launching Hornets exactly at 13.30 and what we hoped for, the newly painted Tiger tail also took the skies that afternoon!! After that fliegerstaffel 8 launched their first F5's of many missions to follow, with the number of flying F5's limited, they almost flew round the clock with the same birds.

Thursday night flying started with the F/A-18's and fridaymorning our fantastic week ended with the last F-5 shots of the WK. Looking forward to October.

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