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Basset - Royal Air Force

Variable stability training at the ETPS (Empire Test Pilot School) is currently done by a Beagle Bassett CC2. The twin piston aircraft has proved a versatile training platform, which can change it's features to simulate simple instabilities in the airframe such as bigger or smaller control surfaces, or wing dihedral.

The design of a twin-engined light transport began in 1960 and the prototype registered "G-ARRM" (designated the B.206X) first flew from Shoreham Airport, West Sussex on 15 August 1961.

The first deliveries to RAF communications squadrons was made in May 1965. Three squadron operated the aircraft, they being 26,32 and 207 squadron. Most aircraft were removed from RAF service by May 1974 and sold for civil use, apart from two which were used for trials, these being XS765 which was operated by the A&AEE (Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment) from May 1972 until August 2004 and XS743 operated by the ETPS (Empire Test Pilot School) this aircraft is still in service today.


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Basset CC2 - XS743 - QinetiQ - Aircraft Test & Evaluation - Royal Air Force XS743  
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