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Islander - Army Air Corps

The Britten-Norman Islander, and later the Defender (an upgraded version of the aircraft) was introduced into service as a replacement for the ageing Beaver. It is one of two types of fixed-wing aircraft operated by the Army Air Corps, the other being the Firefly of the DEFTS. It is usually employed in a surveillance capacity, however it also has a limited use in transporting personnel.

This aircraft has been extensively used in Northern Ireland. Other roles include air photography, airborne command post and liaison flying. Notably it contains a full Instrument Flying Procedural and Navigation fit.


Photos per serial

Islander AL1 - ZG846 - 1 Flight - Army Air Corps ZG846   Islander AL1 - ZG846 - 1 Flight - Army Air Corps ZG846  

Defender T3 - ZH004 - 651 Squadron - Army Air Corps ZH004  
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