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Kleine Brogel COMAO Photocall 2005
F-16BM Fighting Falcon - FB23 - Belgian Defence - Air Component   L-21B Super Cub - LB-03 - 1 Wing - Belgian Defence - Air Component   Alpha Jet 1B+ - AT18 - 1 Wing - Belgian Defence - Air Component   A310-222 - CA-02 (withdrawn) - 15 Wing - Belgian Defence - Air Component
SA318C Alouette II (withdrawn) - A47 - Wing Heli - Belgian Defence - Air Component   C-130H Hercules - CH-09 - 15 Wing - Belgian Defence - Air Component   F-16AM Fighting Falcon - FA94 - 10 Wing - Belgian Defence - Air Component   Sea King Mk 48 - RS04 - Wing Heli - Belgian Defence - Air Component

KeeBee COMAO photocall

Words and photographs Michael van der Mee

Kleine Brogel, home of the 10th Wing of the Belgian Defense - Air Component, hosted a large Operational Integration Exercise with the participation of 70 aircraft and almost 250 aircrew. Like previous year, the last day of the exercise a COMbined Air Operation was combined with a media and spottersday.

On Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th July some smaller DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training) missions took place. On Wednesday the 20th July a large COMAO was conducted with forty aircraft from nine countries. On this day Kleine Brogel opened for the public. With KeeBee getting famous for their impressive line-ups with "exotic" types thousands arrived early in the morning to see then 35 fighters, trainers, transport aircraft and helicopters.

The purpose of the exercise was to improve and train tactical co-operation and skills in a multinational environment. Together with the NATO Operations Centre in Kalkar, Germany, a complex scenario was set up, including all the elements of a modern air operation. These included attack on ground targets from low and medium altitude level and air-to-air refueling. After departing Kleine Brogel, the aircraft flew to a reserved air space in the north of Germany and the south of Belgium.

Many highlights participated in this COMAO like Greek A-7s, Swiss F/A-18’s, French Navy Etendards, Mirage 2000s, Alpha Jets, Danish F-16s, an RAF Jaguar, German Tornado's and Czech L-159s and a Mi-24 Hind.

With the retirement of the Canberra glooming at the horizon it was a nice surprise to see the arrival of a 39 (1 PRU) Squadron Canberra PR9. After a low pass she touched down to join the static line comprising of the Polish CN295, a SU-22 with full tiger color scheme,  a Romanian Antonov 26 and four Lancer C's on their way home from an exercise in the UK.

A short mission was flown, so the competitors returned to base after two hours. And the end of the day the Air Component practiced some formation flying for Independence Day the 21st which includes a military parade and a flyby over the center of Brussels.

Mirage F1CR - 632/33-CL - ER 01.033 - French Air Force
Mirage 2000C - 103/12-YN - EC 01.012 - French Air Force   Canberra PR9 (withdrawn) - XH131 - 39 (1PRU) Squadron (disbanded) - Royal Air Force   Super Etendard - 38 (w/o 01-10-2008) - 11 Flottille - French Navy   F/A-18C Hornet - J-5008 - Swiss Air Force
LanceR C - 6305 - 861 Escadrilla - Romanian Air Force
A-7E Corsair II - 160736 - 335 MV - Hellenic Air Force   TA-7C Corsair II - 154477 - 335 MV - Hellenic Air Force   Mi-24V Hind - 7356 - 221 Letka Bitevních Vrtulníkù - Czech Air Force   L-159A ALCA - 6053 - 212 Taktická Letka - Czech Air Force
Su-22M3-K Fitter - 707 - 6. elt - Polish Air Force
Mirage F1CR - 650/33-CJ - ER 01.033 - French Air Force   Mirage 2000C - 103/12-YN - EC 01.012 - French Air Force   Alpha Jet E - E146/314-LX - EAC 00.314 - French Air Force   Mirage 2000D - 603/3-IM - EC 01.003 - French Air Force
Rafale M - 9 - 12 Flottille - French Navy   F-16AM Fighting Falcon - E-195 - Danish Air Force   Tornado IDS - 45+09 - Jagdbombergeschwader 33 - German Air Force   Tornado ECR - 46+33 - Jagdbombergeschwader 32 - German Air Force
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