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This article will tell you why we started a European Federation for Historic Aviation and give you insight on the strategy we envision:

From very reliable sources, like Eurocontrol and sources within EASA itself, it came to our attention that the EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency and EU aviation regulator, wants to abolish National aviation regulations. The historical aviation community in Europe currently relies heavily on National legislation and conducts its business with the National Aviation Authorities. (CAA’s)

The historic aviation community and the National Aviation Authorities have been working together for a long time and we can safely say that the National Authorities harbor knowledge on how to operate historic aircraft and know what you can and cannot do with them. Further, if questions arise, the National authorities know where to go for information. This partnership has evolved over years and is different in all EU countries.

If EASA is left to come up with rules and regulations for historic aviation we fear that the clock is turned back decades since the EASA would have to find the expertise necessary for sensible legislation and that expertise is spread all over Europe. The French Authorities know about the French airplanes and the English Authorities have their own thoughts on English historic aviation.

The European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA) was founded to give everybody with an interest in historic aviation a place to meet and further unite everybody involved on a low cost but effective internet based platform. When EFHA has generated enough interest we can approach the European Union before rules and regulations change and thus be pro-active instead of being re-active.

We want to unite as many European friends of historic aviation as we can and together work the political side of the European legislative process. In our view the politicians control the legislative bodies like the EASA and they are very well suited to look out for our interests. Our interest are, amongst other things, being able to demonstrate the European Aviation Heritage to future generations and this for generations to come.

The EFHA is well connected already and we have access to the European Parliament and can call on National politicians as well. The politicians should have an interest in historic aviation too since historic aviation knows no boundaries and is able to unite European citizens. Take a look at the millions that visit airshows each year.

We want to stress that historic aviation is very different from regular or general aviation. In our view historic aviation is more about “demonstration” than aviation. Historic aircraft rarely engage in transportation and usually only fly when the weather is good. Maintenance is different too and historic operators try to stay close to the original design and philosophy of the original builders.

We’ve enjoyed interest from some very important players in the historic aviation community but we welcome everybody: pilots, airplane owners, organizations and people that are part of an organization and technicians. Sympathizers are also encouraged to register on our website

At this moment we have a website forum on standby and we will launch it soon. The forum will be a place where registered EFHA friends can communicate and the possibilities are endless. The friends can talk about their aircraft or post historic aviation events. If you have technical difficulties you can ask the whole of Europe for an answer and if you need aircraft parts you can reach many historic aviators at once who may direct you to what you need.

Go ahead and “register”, in essence a gift to yourself!

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