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Hawker Sea Fury T20 - VX281 - Royal Navy Historic Flight

Sea Fury T20 with c/n ES.3615 was built in 1948 and served with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm until 1956. She was then stored at Hawker-Siddeley Aircraft Ltd, Langley,from 1957 until 1963 when she was sold to Germany to be used as target tug. In Germany she served with the Deutsche Luftfahrt Beratungsdienst and was painted in an all-red colour scheme with registration D-CACO. Aside from target towing, her other duties included gun laying work for the German Air Force and Army. She was retired in 1974.

She was sold to Doug Arnold Warbirds of Great Britain Ltd, on October 11, 1974 and was registered G-BCOW. She stayed with this owner until 1977 when she was bought by Spencer Flack in Elstree in February 1977. She then left for the United States to be registered as N8476W, flying air races with Dale Clarke, Gardena California. Her racing number was 40 and she was named "Nuthin Special".

When Dale Clarke set up Liberty Aero Corporation she was registered under this company from June 1984 until March 1988 when she changed location to Santa Monica, California with registration N281L, still owned by Liberty Aero Corporation. Here she got a Royal Navy livery and was named "Dragon of Cymru". In 1993 she was sold to Wally Fisk from Amjet Aircraft Corporation, St Paul, Minnesota on Septemtember 16, 1993. She flew with Amjet until 2000 when she went to Zager Aircraft Corporation, Cupertino, California until 2002.

In March 2007 an anonymous benefactor has acquired her from the USA and donated it to the Royal Navy Historic Flight. Since the loss of the WG665 the RNHF was in need for a "big piston" trainer to be added to the RNHF fleet. Unlike the other RNHF planes she was registered with a civil registration on June 1, 2007 when the US registration was cancelled and UK registration as G-RNHF was applied.

Her propeller was re-build and new wing bolts manufactured and she was put together at North Weald where she flew in 2008 to get her so called permit to test (-fly). Many panel parts, including the outer wings were stripped to bare metal and given a new coat prior to the airframe being re-built again. After repaint she arrived back at North Weald in July 2009 where she met her engine, the Bristol Centaurus, that was completly overhauled during the previous months. Her enigine was ready to be hung and built back up during August 2009.  After that she will get her roundels and markings applied.


Hawker Sea Fury T20
G-RNHF - VX281

Hawker Sea Fury T20 - G-RNHF - Royal Navy Historic Flight - United Kingdom   Hawker Sea Fury T20 - G-RNHF - Royal Navy Historic Flight - United Kingdom   Hawker Sea Fury T20 - G-RNHF - Royal Navy Historic Flight - United Kingdom   Hawker Sea Fury T20 - G-RNHF - Royal Navy Historic Flight - United Kingdom
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