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Hawker Hurricane IIb - BE421/XP-L

The history of Hurricane BE421 begins at the Canadian Car & Foundry Company factory, Canada as construction number: CCF/R20023 comes freshly from the productionline in 1942. CCF produced some 1.451 Hurricanes under license in the early years of the Second World War.

She joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and served as a home based fighter for the duration of the war. At the end of her military service she was refurbished to 'as new' condition and then sold off to the private sector, as were most surviving RCAF Hurricanes at that time. Many became much needed 'hardware stores' donating their parts to keep the tractors and machinery running on the many enormous farms of the Canadian prairie.

BE421 was lucky and remained substantially intact, to be re-discovered by Tony Ditheridge in Canada in the 1990s as a very complete airframe with most major components intact. Returning to the UK, restoration work began in earnest in 2005 at Hawker Restorations facility in Suffolk. The comprehensive restoration took a staggering 28.000 hours and was completed in January 2009. This rare Hurricane rolled out in her fighter-bomber configuration the same month to start engine tests. Her first flight took place from North Weald on 27 January 2009. Remarkable it was for the first time in more than 60 years that a Hurricane took of and landed from the field.

On March 11, just weeks from her first flight she had an unfortunate landing accident as the breaks seemed locked causing the Hurricane wanting to flip on her nose. Due to the excellent response of the pilot (Peter Teichman) the damage was kept to a minimum with "only" her propellor destroyed and some scratches on the gear doors. Repaired and looking better then ever she tooked the skies again on June 26, 2009.

The 'Hurribomber' fighter-bomber came into being, carrying either two 113 kg (250 lb) or two 226 kg (500 lb) bombs under its wings.  and flies in the markings of BE505 with code XP-L, a Mk IIB operated out of Manston by 174 (Mauritius) Squadron in spring 1942.


Hawker Hurricane IIb

Hawker Hurricane IIb - G-HHII - Hangar 11 Collection - United Kingdom   Hawker Hurricane IIb - G-HHII - Hangar 11 Collection - United Kingdom  
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