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Grumman F-6F-3 Hellcat - Bu.No. 40467/19

F-6F Hellcat c/n A-11286 was built at the Grumman production line at Baldwin, Long Island in 1943 and delivered to the United States Navy with Bureau Number (BuNo) 80141 as her original identity is.

She was delivered to the Aeronavale (French Navy) but, until 1965 when she showed up in the US Marine Corps Museum at MCAS Quantico, California as N80142, not much is known about her history. She spend a few years in the museum until she was sold to W.C. Yarbrough, Marietta, Georgia in 1972. During a landing accident she nosed over whilst landing on Elsinore, California on December 4, 1976 and repaired.

In January 1977 she was acquired by Thomas H. Friedkin, Rancho Santa Fe, California and registered as NX100TF. On April 3, 1979 she was involved in her second landing accident, this time far more serious as she crashed in a forced landing at San Marcos, California.

She was with Charles F. Nichols of Yankee Air Corps, Chino, California when she was rebuilt by Military Aircraft Restoration Corp also at Chino during 1988 and 1989. For her restoration the center-section of BuNo 08831 was used. She makes her first post-restoration flight in July 1989 and was registered as N100TF.

In 1989 US registration N10CN was reserved for her, but she was acquired by the Duxford based Fighter Collection and not taken up. On August 1, 1990, she arrived in the UK at Southampton docks for the task of restoration to be completed by TFC. She was registered G-BTCC on December 31, 1990.

G-BTCC is the only F-6F Hellcat flying in Europe and is painted in the colours of BuNo 40467 when assigned to VF-6 "Felix the Cat" onboard the USS Intrepid in 1944. Here she was the aircraft of Lieutenant Alex Vraciu who was credited with 9 enemy aircraft while flying her as part of VF-6 "Felix the Cat". During the "Great Mariana's Turkey Shoot" Vraciu was counted for 6 Japanese Yokosuka D4Y dive bombers in just eight minutes. He would end the War with a total of 10 victories.


Grumman F-6F-3 Hellcat
G-BTCC - 40467/19

Grumman F-6F-3 Hellcat - G-BTCC - Fighter Collection, The - United Kingdom   Grumman F-6F-3 Hellcat - G-BTCC - Fighter Collection, The - United Kingdom   Grumman F-6F-3 Hellcat - G-BTCC - Fighter Collection, The - United Kingdom  
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